How to use Kaki Harimau Rollator

Image shown all the parts and accessories of Kaki Harimau Rollator

A) How to open kakiharimau rollator

  • Lift the seat (1)
  • Push down the Crossbar (2) to open the Rollator.
    Note: Ensure the Locking Mechanism (3) is fully engaged.
  • Attach the Backrest (4) by sliding the Connecting Tube (5) into the Frame Tube (6),
  • Slide the Push Handle (7) / Hand Brake (8) into the Frame Tube (6) to the desired height.

B) Install the Basket (9) (included),

  • On the front of Rollator with the Basket Hooks (10) resting onto the front Seat Support Tube (11) or
  • underneath the Seat (1).

C) Using the Hand Brake (7),

  • To Brake - Pull up on the Hand Brake to slow down or stop.
  • To Remain Stationary - Hold the Hand Brake Handle up.
  • To Continue Mobility - Release the Hand Brakes.
  • To Lock - Push down on the lower section of both Hand Brakes.
  • To Unlock - Pull up on the Hand Brake handles to release the brake from the locked position.

D) How to fold back Kaki Harimau Rollator?

  • If necessary, remove the Basket (9) and accessories before lifting the Seat (1).
  • Pull our the Push Handle (7) / Hand Brake (8) to remove from the Frame Tube (6).
  • Detach the Backrest (4) by pulling up the Connecting Tube (5) from the Frame Tube (6) before folding the Rollator.

E) Care and Maintenance

  • If any accessories are missing, broken or damaged, do not use the Rollator until it is replaced/repaired.
  • Verify operation of the brakes and have them adjusted if neccessary. Contact your dealer for brake adjustment.
  • If Hand Grip is loose, DO NOT use. Contact your dealer.
  • Replace any broken, damaged or worn items immediately.
  • Periodically inspect the casters and caster stems for assembly tightness and verify that the wheels are free of hair, lint and other debris that could interfere with free wheel operation.