Infrared Thermometer (non-contact)

This infrared thermometer is designed for the measurement of human body temperature by collecting the infrared thermal radiation from the human forehead, which has the advantages of simple and sanitary operation, and fast and accurate measurement.

Users only need to align the probe to the forehead, press the measuring button, then the human body temperature is measured. It is widely used in schools, customs, hospitals and families.

This product is a medical equipment of Class II with the protection level of IP22, belonging to the internal power supply equipment without application parts. It is a continuous running equipment, which can not be used in the mixed gases of the flammable anesthetic gas and air, oxygen or nitrous oxide and is classified by EU as Class II a.

Scope of application: Display the body temperature of measured object by measuring the forehead heat radiation.

Product Features:

  • High-precision infrared sensor ensures the stable and reliable performance
  • Strong ambient temperature adaptability makes it normally used in the complex environments
  • New independent intellectual property rights on the probe structure ensure more accurate measurement
  • Automatically save the last measuring value
  • Large-size LCD screen, high brightness backlight, and clear and soft display
  • Two kinds of temperature units, Celsius and Fahrenheit degree, are optional
  • Automatic shutdown, and energy saving.
  • Box included:
    1 x infrared thermometer (non-contact)
    1 x instruction manual